Noruz Kohan Co. produces and distributes modern and modern types of plastic containers, jars, preforms, PETs and ...

Preform Producer in Tehran Iran

Noruz Kohan company has enjoyed the knowledge and advanced machines in the production of preform, PET, door, jar containers (plastic containers), polyethylene, designing and manufacturing of molds in Iran and the neighboring countries of the Middle East. You can now contact us for advice and purchases.



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Noruz Kohan Co.

.::Superior manufacturer of all types of jar and door preforms::.

Address of factory and head office: No.395, SiyahSang Street, Khorram Dasht Industrial Park, Damavand old road, Tehran, Iran

Factory management: Mr. Yazdanpanah +989123499835

Central Sales Office: +982176212367

Website :
Email: [email protected]